Deep Space Network ‎– Big Rooms
Deep Space Network ‎– Big Rooms

Deep Space Network ‎– Big Rooms

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Dear listener,

On behalf of re:discovery records and Source Records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of Deep Space Network's 'Big Rooms'. Deep Space Network was a joint project by David Moufang (Move D) & Jonas Grossman and it explored electronic music that wonderfully combined ambient, chill out themes, sci-fi techno and IDM. Originally released on David Moufang's Source Records and distributed by Instinct Ambient Records in America the following year. 27 years later, finally released on vinyl for the very first time.

At the release of Big Rooms, techno was still fresh. A lot of things hadn't been tried yet and it was easy to be inspired and to come up with something that maybe nobody had tried before. Big Rooms in 1993 was the follow up to Earth & Infinity from 1992 which was Jonas and I and was my first release. The first one was very much influenced by mainly KLF and their album Space if you happen to know about it. It was a genre defining album and they invented the chill out term and style as we know it to have become. What they were doing was using a lot of musical references and we were doing the same with our first record. On Big Rooms we wanted to show what we could do without using other people's samples. Big Rooms kicks off with a track called 'Zenn la' and it features the voice from our friend at the time Bill Wilson. Many people over the years thought it was a sample we found somewhere but it's actually Bill who happen to pass away 11 years ago.
Bill was a retired U.S. Army officer serving mainly in Asia and now was hanging out with the barflies like Jonas and I. Bill was a great storyteller and I always thought his voice would be great to have speak on a track of ours. We brought him into the studio and it was really challenging to get him into the kind of topics that we would want to put on a record. So, we had to kind of direct him into telling us about the caves in West Virginia near where he was originally from. His childhood memories for that experience become the intro in the album and I think it is very beautiful. I hope you enjoy hearing this again some 27 years later"

- David Moufang

"One thing I remember very vividly is, that at the time our fascination with sci-fi was very strong. The whole aesthetic and feel. From crappy b-movies to NASA documentaries to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The latter was shown as a midnnight-feature at our local movie-theater. I remember seeing it for the first time one a big screen, in the (let´s say) appropriate state of mind, blew me away. As I was working in video production-company at the time, this fascination also led to early video-clips I produced for earth to infinity and big rooms that would start a series of VHS Tapes compilations released on Source Records. The thing that strikes me the most looking back , is that 1992/1993 all Source Records and Deep Space Work worked completely without Internet and on, even at the time, rather obsolete computer technology: based on a cheap Atari and a Fax-Machine. Despite our fascination with future technologies, our reality then looking at music production, video production and social networking was entirely analog.“

- Jonas Grossman

Deep Space Network ‎– Big Rooms